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Form Friday: Foldover at the Barre

By Melanie McKinnon | In Blog, Form Friday | on January 8, 2016

Welcome to Form Fridays! Each week we will look at a new position, discuss the proper setup, and key points to remember when utilizing this position during the Karve method of barre (pronounced: bar) fitness. This week is Foldover at the Barre with Maria.


The Setup

Start a full arm’s distance away from the barre, with your arms shoulder width apart. Step back, folding your body in half so that your upper body is parallel to the floor. Start with your feet under your hips, then walk them back about two inches. Next, extend one leg back, keeping the tops of all five toes on the floor. Squeeze your seat to tuck your hips under and pull your navel away from your shirt, allowing your back to round slightly. (You should feel the top of your foot dig into the floor even more.) Then squeeze the base of your seat to lift your leg off the floor, only as high as your hips stay tucked under. This is your starting position.

Thing To Keep In Mind

Maintain your tuck throughout this entire position by keeping your seat squeezed tightly and your navel pulled up toward your spine.

Keep your hips squared by imagining they are like headlights shining straight down to the floor.

Make sure your gaze is at the baseboard and your head is in line with your neck and shoulders.

Any movements in this position will be extremely small because you’ll be working against your tuck.


About Melanie McKinnon
Melanie McKinnon instructs at Karve Studio Gilbert. She’s also a freelance writer and blogger at MelanieMeditates.com and The Huffington Post. She has a passion for connecting with and encouraging others on their own health and wellness journey.


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